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acquaintanceac‧quaint‧ance J6 /əˈkweɪntəns/ []  1 C 知り合い, 知人an old high school acquaintance 高校時代からの古い知人 an acquaintance of somebody’s <人>の知り合いAn acquaintance of Derek’s from Texas is staying with us. テキサスから来たデレクの知り合いが私たちの家に滞在している. a mutual acquaintancesomeone who is known to both of two people (2人の) 共通の知人 a casual acquaintancesomeone who you know, but not well (よくは知らない) ちょっとした知り合い1You cannot use a possessive pronoun before acquaintance. Use an acquaintance of somebody’s(1) acquaintance の前に代名詞の所有格は不可. an acquaintance of mine/yours/his/hers/ours/theirs のようにするHe’s my acquaintance.He’s an acquaintance of mine.It is more idiomatic to say someone I know(2) 「知り合い」の意味では someone I know のほうが日常よく用いられるHe’s someone I know from work. 彼は仕事関係の知り合いだ. 2 U, a/the ~ (それほど親しくはない) 付き合い, 交際, 面識Their aquaintance began on the Internet. 彼らの付き合いはインターネットを通じて始まった.acquaintance withMy acquaintance with Admiral Nagumo dated back to 1933. 南雲提督との付き合いは1933年にさかのぼるものだった. renew your acquaintance with somebodyto meet someone again who you met or spent time with in the past <人>と再会する, 旧交を温める 3 Uフォーマル 知識, 心得acquaintance withThe job requires acquaintance with court procedures. その仕事には裁判手続きの知識が必要だ. a passing / nodding acquaintance with somethingonly slight knowledge or experience of something <…>のわずかな知識成句 make somebody’s acquaintance of your acquaintance