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activityac‧tiv‧i‧ty S2 W1 J1 /ækˈtɪvəi ǁ -əti/ [] (activities)  1 C通例複数形で (楽しみでする) 活動, アクティビティactivities for kids 子供向けのアクティビティThe program provides after-school activities for students. その学習計画では生徒たちに放課後の活動が与えられる. leisure / outdoor / cultural activities 余暇の[野外の,文化的]活動I enjoy outdoor activities like climbing and hiking. 山登りやハイキングのような野外活動が好きだ. extracurricular activitiesactivities that take place outside the classroom or school and are not officially part of the education program 課外活動 2 C, U (ある目的達成のための) 活動, 運動fund-raising activities 募金運動an activity designed to improve conversational techniques 会話技術の向上を目ざした学習活動 political / economic / business activity 政治[経済,企業]活動 criminal activity 犯罪(行為) terrorist / illegal activity テロ[非合法]活動 3 U 活気, 活況The workshop was a scene of constant activity. その研修会は常に活気を呈していた. physical / mental activitythings that you do with your body or mind 身体[精神]活動Regular physical activity helps to control your weight. しょっちゅう体を動かすことは体重のコントロールによい. level of activitythe amount of activity that is happening in a place 活発さ, 活動度 反意 inactivity