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actorac‧tor S2 W2 J2 /ˈæktəʳ/ []C  1 俳優, 役者professional actors プロの俳優 a stage / movie / TV actoran actor who performs in plays, in movies, or on TV 舞台[映画,テレビ]俳優 a lead / leading / principal actoran actor who plays the most important role in a play, movie etc. 主演俳優 a supporting actoran actor who plays a less important role in a play, movie, etc.—this term is used mainly in relation to the Academy Awards 助演俳優 character actor 2 フォーマル 参加者, 関係者 a key / an important / a principal actor 重要な役割を担う人Employers are key actors in industrial relations. 経営者は労使関係において重要な役割を担う.Moses is a principal actor in the early part of the Old Testament. モーセは旧約聖書の前半で重要な役割をする人物だ. a political actorsomeone who is involved in politics 政治的な役割を担う人
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