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actuallyac‧tu‧al‧ly S1 W1 J1 /ˈækʃuəli, -ʃəli/ []  1 文修飾 実は, 実を言うと, 実際のところI’ve known her for years. Since we were kids, actually. 彼女とは長年の知り合いで,実は子供のころからです.Actually, I don’t want to go out tonight. 実を言うと,今夜は外出したくないんだ.I don’t actually remember the plot all that well. 実際のところ,話の筋をそんなによく覚えてないんだ.2In this sense, actually is much more common in spoken English than in written English. You can make your written English more varied by using in fact or as a matter of fact when you want to develop a previous statement「実は」の意味の actually は主に話し言葉で用いる.書き言葉では in fact as a matter of fact がふつうHe had known her for years. Since 1982, as a matter of fact. 彼は彼女とは長年にわたる知り合いだった.実際のところ1982年以来だ. 2 (想像・予想ではなく) 実際に[は], 本当に[は]He looks 30, but he’s actually 45. 彼は30歳に見えるが,実際は45歳だ.Did the guy actually attack you, or just yell at you? その男は本当に君を襲ったのか,それとも大声を浴びせただけなのか.Disappointed? No, actually I’m glad. がっかりしたかって? ううん,本当はうれしいんだ.
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