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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenoughe‧nough1 /ɪˈnʌf/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb [always after a verb, adjective, or adverb]  1 ENOUGHto the degree that is necessary or wanted Are the carrots cooked enough? He just hadn’t thought enough about the possible consequences. You can go to school when you’re old enough.enough for Is the water warm enough for you?enough to do something Will Evans be fit enough to play? The rooms are all large enough to take a third bed. Surely no one would be foolish enough to lend him the money? You’re late. It’s just not good enough (=not satisfactory or acceptable).2 QUITE/FAIRLYfairly but not very I was happy enough in Bordeaux, but I missed my family. He’s a nice enough young man.3 bad/difficult/hard etc enough4 lucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do something5 would you be good/kind enough to do sth?6 strangely/oddly/curiously etc enough7 near enough fair enough at fair1(14), → sure enough at sure2(1)GRAMMAR: Word orderYou use enough after an adjective or adverb: It’s small enough to fit in your pocket.We’re not going fast enough. Don’t say: It’s enough small to fit in your pocket. | We’re not going enough fast.
Examples from the Corpus
enoughNow, off you go, you have kept him waiting long enough.Will that box be strong enough?Bob worked the crank machine, to get the dough thin enough.I have failed to heal him with my compliance; all my efforts have not been good enough.It's getting late, and you two have talked enough for one day.The sled is big enough for three children to ride on it safely.The gain will be large enough, however, to hold the unemployment rate steady at 5. 6 percent.When the rested section was robust enough, it would be re-opened and another section closed, and so on.The pole was just long enough to reach the top window.Might it prove wide enough to sink Bob Dole too?Raphael is probably the only one crazy enough to try it.On the third day, I am strong enough to wash and do my laundry.She's nice enough when I see her, but I don't think she really likes me.enough forThe song "Silent Night" is easy enough for a child to play.Our car wasn't big enough for all of the suitcases.Don't grab. There's enough for everyone.
enoughenough2 ●●● S1 W2 determiner, pronoun  1 ENOUGHas many or as much as is needed or wanted Have I given you enough money? Not enough is known about what happened.enough for There aren’t enough chairs for everyone.enough to do/eat etc Erica was worried that the children weren’t getting enough to eat.enough (something) to do something The police didn’t have enough evidence to convict him. He didn’t even earn enough to pay the rent. You’ve had more than enough time to make all the preparations.enough to go round (=enough of something for everyone to have some) Do you think we’ve got enough pizza to go round?not nearly/nowhere near enough informal (=much less than you need) We only had $500, and that was nowhere near enough to buy a new camcorder.time/reason/trouble etc enough old-fashioned Come on – there’ll be time enough to chat later.2 used to say that a situation is already bad and you do not want it to get any worse She has enough problems without you two getting into fights. I don’t want to bother him – he has enough to worry about.3 have had enough (of something)4 enough is enough5 that’s (quite) enough6 enough said7 can’t get enough of something/somebodyGrammarYou use enough before uncountable and plural nouns: There isn’t enough time.There aren’t enough books.THESAURUSenough /ɪˈnʌf/ as much or as many as necessary, or as you wantMy family never had enough money for holidays abroad.Have you had enough to eat?sufficient formal enough for a particular purposeThe police did not have sufficient evidence to justify a charge.The accuracy of the older technique was sufficient for our needs.adequate formal enough in quantity or good enough in quality for a particular purposeAll staff must be given adequate training in health and safety.The heating system was barely adequate.ample more than enough for what is neededLocal residents will be given ample opportunity to express their views.People used to think that 1 GB of memory was ample for the average personal computer.plenty an amount that is enough or more than enoughAllow yourself plenty of time to get to the airport.Your daughter won’t need much cash at camp ($20-$25 will be plenty). something will do/something should do spoken used to say that a particular number or amount will be enough for what you need‘How many envelopes do you want?’ ‘Ten should do.’
Examples from the Corpus
enough to do/eat etcI wondered whether she had enough to eat.Tens of thousands of miners and loggers were dumped in the middle of the jungle without enough to eat.We do not have enough to eat.Organization replaces individual authority; no individual is powerful enough to do much damage.Who could hate her enough to do such a thing?Fortunately, they were professional enough to do the gig, but it served no useful purpose.Anyone who has passed an exam to get into an important university is dedicated enough to do well for the firm.The players we have are good enough to do well without people like him.
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