1 adverb
e‧nough1 S1 W1 [always after a verb, adjective, or adverb]
1 to the degree that is necessary or wanted:
Are the carrots cooked enough?
He just hadn't thought enough about the possible consequences.
You can go to school when you're old enough.
enough for
Is the water warm enough for you?
enough to do something
Will Evans be fit enough to play?
The rooms are all large enough to take a third bed.
Surely no one would be foolish enough to lend him the money?
You're late. It's just not good enough (=not satisfactory or acceptable).
2 fairly but not very:
I was happy enough in Bordeaux, but I missed my family.
He's a nice enough young man.

bad/difficult/hard etc enough

used to say that a situation is already bad and you do not want it to get any worse:
Life's difficult enough without you interfering all the time.

lucky/unfortunate etc enough to be/do something

used to say that someone is lucky or unlucky that something happens to them:
They were unlucky enough to be caught in the storm.

would you be good/kind enough to do something?

spoken used to ask someone politely to do something for you:
Would you be good enough to hold the door open?

strangely/oddly/curiously etc enough

used to say that a fact or something that happens is strange or surprising:
Strangely enough, I didn't feel at all nervous when I faced the audience.

near enough

British English spoken used when you are guessing a number, amount, time etc because you cannot be exact:
The full cost comes to £3000, near enough.

➔ fair enough

at fair1 (14)

➔ sure enough

at sure2 (1)

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