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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentailen‧tail /ɪnˈteɪl/ verb [transitive]  1 MUSTto involve something as a necessary part or result A new computer system entails a lot of re-training. Some foreign travel is entailed in the job.entail doing something The journey will entail changing trains twice.2 old use if you entail property, you arrange for it to be given to a specific person, usually your oldest son, when you die→ See Verb table
Examples from the Corpus
entailThis was important because many of the staff did not fully understand what the role entailed.I found I was expected to make progress, entailing fast driving within the speed limits on all roads.I thought you understood what this job entailed.I didn't want to take on a job that would entail a lot of travelling.The job entailed being on call twenty-four hours a day.To bring the site up to the standard necessary for the positioning of bottle and paper banks would entail greater expenditure.A text would entail its interpretation only if meaning was exhausted by sense, the coded or literal meanings studied by semantics.It does not follow that increases in crime accompanied by increased numbers of convictions necessarily entails more people being incarcerated.The leadership role entails taking the initiative in formulating, articulating, and implementing goals for the political system.Repairs would entail the closure of the bridge for six months.Every value distribution entails trade-offs between different values as well as some inequality in the distribution of benefits and burdens.entail doing somethingThe surgery entailed placing a screw into a bone in her wrist.
From Longman Business Dictionaryentailen‧tail /ɪnˈteɪl/ noun [uncountable] LAW when ownership of land and property can only pass to a certain person, especially the oldest son, when the owner diesUntil the eighteenth century aristocratic landed property was generally governed by entail, which worked to secure large estates.
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Verb table
Simple Form
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it, theyentailed
Present perfect
theyhave entailed
ithas entailed
Past perfect
it, theyhad entailed
it, theywill entail
Future perfect
it, theywill have entailed
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