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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentertainingen‧ter‧tain‧ing1 /ˌentəˈteɪnɪŋ◂ $ -tər-/ ●●○ adjective  INTERESTINGamusing and interesting Children’s TV nowadays is much more entertaining. an entertaining evening
Examples from the Corpus
entertainingTraditional bridal wear combines with theatrical costume and effects to create an entertaining and thought-provoking visual statement.When you are laying out a new workshop you can play a particularly entertaining board game.Hamilton gave some entertaining examples of animals attempting to escape predation by clumping.It was very entertaining going forward, and extremely frustrating waiting for them to score Goal-Of-The-Century!Almodovar is the happiest, most entertaining hedonist in the world today.an entertaining movieIt makes for an extraordinary mixture but an entertaining one, as eclectic as the individual pieces he describes.Senior Officers and Flag Officers have considerable official entertaining responsibilities and stewards play a key role at such functions.A wry and entertaining tale, typical of this good writer.
entertainingentertaining2 noun [uncountable]  INVITEwhen you invite people for meals or to parties, at home or for business reasons simple recipes for easy entertaining The hotel is used for corporate entertaining (=for business reasons).
Examples from the Corpus
entertainingFranker discussion about the nature and value of conventional entertaining could improve matters even more.Think about your future life-style together; will there be a lot of formal or informal entertaining?Nigel also resented the expense of entertaining.You will want people to relax over their meal, especially if you do a lot of entertaining.When they lived together Paul had explained the merits of plastic entertaining.
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