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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenthrallingen‧thrall‧ing /ɪnˈθrɔːlɪŋ $ -ˈθrɒːl-/ adjective  INTERESTINGextremely interesting an enthralling experiencesee thesaurus at interesting
Examples from the Corpus
enthrallingHe did not have far to go to find an enthralling abundance of birds.They meet at McDiarmid Park in what promises to be a most enthralling encounter.Harvest was a particularly enthralling experience.It's the most enthralling house for children I've seen.Leeds, producing another inspired display in an enthralling match, were denied by exceptional goalkeeping from Andy Goram.From there, they progressed to the enthralling problem of human and divine love.During an enthralling series of Singles matches there were more fluctuations than on an average day on Wall Street.It was an enthralling, unforgettable sight for a small, romantically minded boy.
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