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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenthusiasticen‧thu‧si‧as‧tic /ɪnˌθjuːziˈæstɪk◂ $ ɪnˌθuː-/ ●●○ S3 adjective  ENTHUSIASTICfeeling or showing a lot of interest and excitement about somethingenthusiastic about (doing) something All the staff are enthusiastic about the project. The singer got an enthusiastic reception. an enthusiastic supporter of reformenthusiastically /-kli/ adverbCOLLOCATIONSverbsbe/feel enthusiasticThe Irish are very enthusiastic about horse racing.seem/appear enthusiasticI wanted to go, but Helen seemed less enthusiastic.sound enthusiastic‘I’m sure we can do it, ’ she said, trying to sound enthusiastic.look enthusiasticYour husband doesn’t look too enthusiastic about the idea.enthusiastic + NOUNenthusiastic supportHis policies won him the enthusiastic support of middle-income voters.enthusiastic supporterHe is an enthusiastic supporter of the war.enthusiastic responseThe proposal has received an enthusiastic response from the union.enthusiastic reception/welcomeThe audience gave him an enthusiastic reception.enthusiastic crowd/audienceIt’s nice to see such an enthusiastic crowd at the match.enthusiastic applauseHis speech was greeted by enthusiastic applause.an enthusiastic amateur (=someone with a fairly low level of skill who tries hard)There are a few professionals in the race, but most are enthusiastic amateurs.
THESAURUSenthusiastic feeling or showing a lot of interest or excitement about somethingHe’s really enthusiastic about his new job.An enthusiastic crowd cheered the team onto the pitch.eager wanting to do something or know about something very soonHe was eager to hear every detail of her day.She was always eager for her turn on the catwalk.The room was full of eager young faces.We waited in eager anticipation.keen eager to work or learnShe hasn’t much experience but she’s very keen.John was a keen student who worked very hard.zealous doing something in a very enthusiastic way, especially supporting something or making sure that people obey rules She was a zealous supporter of the revolution.The company has been extremely zealous in defending its interests.Officials have been very zealous in the application of the new regulations.avid [only before noun] written used when you want to emphasize that someone does something a lot or is very interested in somethingan avid golferShe was an avid reader all her life.I’ve become an avid collector of his work.Henry is an avid fan of the sport. As a schoolboy he had an avid interest in birds.fervent written believing or feeling something very strongly and sincerelyGalinsoga was one of Franco’s most fervent supporters.One of Allen 's fervent admirers was Richard Nixon.her fervent belief in promoting the work of good women artistsbe mad about something British English informal to like something very much and be very interested in itMy sister’s mad about horses.Since you’re so mad about clothes, you can help me choose a wedding dress.can’t wait to do something to be very eager to do somethingI can’t wait to get started.be looking forward to something to feel pleased and excited because you know that something is going to happen soonI’m looking forward to the vacation.
Examples from the Corpus
enthusiasticThey were very supportive and enthusiastic.Sixty-five percent of wives were happy to attend in their husbands' place with the remainder not enthusiastic.He's still really enthusiastic about his new job.The idea may sound strange at first, but it often works very well, and the co-counselling movement has many enthusiastic adherents.But reports from the mountain suggest that some recent Everest aspirants were little more than enthusiastic beginners.In this they had the enthusiastic collaboration of professional media advance teams from both governments.A small but enthusiastic crowd cheered as the players ran onto the field.Hart is an amiable and enthusiastic guide, if a little corny at times.This week-end event continues to excite enthusiastic support, demonstrating the strength of community life which exists in Kidlington.There is enthusiastic support for a new high school.Reviews were enthusiastic, though sales were poor.Several enthusiastic young teachers have just started working at the school.enthusiastic about (doing) somethingTomorrow's Woman was mildly enthusiastic about a proposed series of astrological interviews with celebrities from all walks of life.Naturally, sometimes all of us find it difficult to be enthusiastic about doing the chores.Emily is less enthusiastic about her other direct antecedents.The loan officer was enthusiastic about his plans.Plus, on Friday, guys were enthusiastic about practice and not talking about where they were going for the weekend.I was enthusiastic about Rachel Whiteread last year and am equally enthusiastic about Alison Wilding this year.The Government were not enthusiastic about the creation of the Northern Development Company.He was enthusiastic about the paper being located in Manchester, whereas Pilger had clashed with them over the move.
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