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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenticingen‧ti‧cing /ɪnˈtaɪsɪŋ/ adjective  ATTRACTsomething that is enticing attracts or interests you a lot syn tempting It was a hot day and the water looked enticing.enticingly adverb
Examples from the Corpus
enticingIt looked enticing and we decided to follow it as far as we could.It has an enticing colour photograph of palm trees and white sand.When it comes to earning a living there is no more enticing environment than a pub.Nevertheless, this is an enticing introduction to the subject.Employers in all fields of endeavour were crying out for them, offering generous salaries along with an array of enticing perks.That enticing possibility is why they are bound to have a go.This, coupled with the minimal outlay in terms of resources, time, and indeed effort, results in enticing rewards.the enticing smell of fresh breadenticing smells coming from the kitchenThe advertisers have been accused of trying to make the alcoholic drinks enticing to teenagers.
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