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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentityen‧ti‧ty /ˈentəti/ ●○○ AWL noun (plural entities) [countable]  formal something that exists as a single and complete unitbeing The mind exists as a separate entity. Good design brings a house and garden together as a single entity.
Examples from the Corpus
entityWeeping is as much a disease entity as any purulent discharge.The Senate subcommittee, like too many government entities, asked the wrong questions and provided no answers.Therefore, according to the Gurdjieff system, what we call ourselves is just an imaginary entity, or an illusion.Cities are not independent entities - they reflect national and regional considerations.The two school districts are separate legal entities.In this environment, all evolution, including the evolution of manufactured entities, is coevolution.The Institute's main concern is that the new entities should be expressly subject to national legislation governing the activity undertaken.The separate documents will enable the specification of entities, attributes, relationships, events and Operations.Washington the home town and Washington the historic landmark are physically the same but logistically, legally and pragmatically separate entities.separate entityWho is going to be responsible for physically dividing the space so that the sub-tenant can operate as a separate entity?With a few exceptions, each lesson is a separate entity and can be used by itself.Although all separate entities, they do co-operate with each other as, naturally, they are all working towards the same ideal.There are several individual societies that the Co-op Group says are separate entities that determine their own ethical policies.National government and household administration were from the middle of the sixteenth century separate entities.Washington the home town and Washington the historic landmark are physically the same but logistically, legally and pragmatically separate entities.Or, perhaps more accurately, nature / nurture-not two separate entities, but two sides of the same coin.This could not be happening if the brain and immune system were separate entities.
From Longman Business Dictionaryentityen‧ti‧ty /ˈentəti/ noun (plural entities) [countable usually singular]ACCOUNTINGLAW1used to talk about any business that is a single unit from a legal or financial point of viewThe thrift was declared insolvent and merged with seven other Texas thrifts into a new entity. business entity legal entity2the entity convention the principle that a business is separate from the people who own it, so that they do not have to use their own money to pay the company’s debts
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