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entrailsen‧trails /ˈentreɪlz/ noun [plural]  HBHHBAthe inside parts of an animal’s or person’s body, especially their intestines
Examples from the Corpus
entrailsHot liquid and entrails spilled over him, and he scrambled out from under the thing.Conrad Burns by throwing a five-gallon bucket of bison entrails on them during a public meeting.Guilty of assault with bison entrails Billings, Mont.Saad, whose mighty voice had welled up from his entrails.Over the next few weeks it will slowly grow itself a new set of entrails.Dougal could read meaning into the meaningless, like a priest finding omens in the steaming entrails of a sacrificed animal.She feels as if she is negotiating the entrails of the city in the slow, peristaltic procession.Several chairs lay on the bare floorboards, their legs broken, their entrails sprung.
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