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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishentropyen‧tro‧py /ˈentrəpi/ noun [uncountable] technical  ORDER/SEQUENCEa lack of order in a system, including the idea that the lack of order increases over a period of time
Examples from the Corpus
entropyEventually the limit is reached where no further packing would be possible and where the configurational entropy therefore vanishes.But how does entropy help us to predict whether a change will take place or not?They therefore have a higher entropy after mixing.Energy is thus dispersed and so we might expect an increase in entropy and not a decrease.So how do we calculate the entropy change of the surroundings?During this spontaneous process, the entropy of the system therefore increases.The entropy of gases is much higher than the entropy of solids.They saw disorder steadily growing, like a baby, and called this entropy.
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