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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishenviousen‧vi‧ous /ˈenviəs/ ●●○ adjective  JEALOUSwanting something that someone else hasjealousenvious of Colleagues were envious of her success. envious lookssee thesaurus at jealousenviously adverb
Examples from the Corpus
enviousI see people who have opportunities I don't have, and I get envious.They were in this life to make other people feel envious.Their ideas gain plausibility amongst the idle, the envious and the unlettered.My feet were the embarrassing target of envious gazes.One of the fantasies of the envious is that the other has everything.People will become more envious, more mistrustful, more vindictive.Lewis was envious of Forney's success.We are envious of others who have power because they represent a threat.She looks good, and enjoys the envious stares of other women.envious ofShe had always been envious of her cousin's long blond hair.
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