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enzymeen‧zyme /ˈenzaɪm/ noun [countable]  HBa chemical substance that is produced in a plant or animal, and helps chemical changes to take place in the plant or animal
Examples from the Corpus
enzymeProteins work as enzymes, catalysing particular chemical reactions.The binding of the enzyme-labeled drug to the antibody causes a steric alteration that results in decreased enzyme activity.The release of the digestive enzymes leads to cell death.According to our findings, the inducible enzyme may display an activity four to five times higher than that of the constitutive enzyme.There are many enzymes involved in the metabolism of glycogen.This breaking down of the large molecules to smaller ones is the job of enzymes.Its principal product is the Ultrase prescription enzyme preparation for cystic fibrosis patients.Cuts treated commercially with enzymes must b ar labels stating this fact.
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