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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheone‧on /ˈiːən/ noun [countable]  x-refanother spelling of aeon
Examples from the Corpus
eonTourism, one can safely say, is at least an eon away.Before they had met, both aged six, Finch seemed to have lived alone for eons.Moreover, some of these polymorphisms are astonishingly ancient; they have persisted for geological eons.Look under, look at the bottom of the list of eon.The ice destroyed the drainage pattern of eons.But there was a sombre shadow of familiarity to it and after subjective eons of frustration, intuition struck her.Mind or intelligence had not been involved; those eons were empty of all that touched the emotions.Well at the, at the end of the list of words that we translate eon for example.

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