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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishephemerae‧phem‧e‧ra /ɪˈfemə/ noun [plural]  SHORT TIMEsmall cheap things that people use in their ordinary life a collection of sporting ephemera
Examples from the Corpus
ephemeraThere are more than 2,500 volumes of pre-1800 imprint, and an extensive assemblage of maps, illustrations and ephemera.Types of material treated include books, manuscripts, maps, globes, photographs and ephemera material.It is not just artistic ephemera which suffer from metal fatigue in the heat of ubiquitous exposure.Finally, arguably, a bit of ephemera.It was just a feel-good song, a piece of ephemera, and Lucy was feeling surprisingly good.In general, the library will not subscribe to newsletters or other ephemera without good scientific justification. 2.
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