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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishephemerale‧phem‧e‧ral /ɪˈfemərəl/ adjective  SHORT TIMEexisting or popular for only a short time syn transitory Fashion is by nature ephemeral.see thesaurus at short
Examples from the Corpus
ephemeralHopes of political unity in the region have proved ephemeral.Likewise, those that thought they were too ephemeral and effervescent, began to appreciate them.No dictionary can really capture something as fleeting and ephemeral as slang.A few years later, it made timid and ephemeral attempts to pursue a progressive social policy.Some were, of course, ephemeral, including books and articles written in the 1930s when he lived by his pen.What is of merit, what is not ephemeral, is shunned.The ephemeral nature of fluid flow belies the rigid rules which govern its behaviour.I have no idea who they are, which just goes to show the ephemeral nature of psychiatric certainties.Goodwill can permit effective cooperation for purchasing of secondary care but goodwill is ephemeral when difficult decisions have to be made.
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