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epicep‧ic1 /ˈepɪk/ ●○○ noun [countable]  ASTORYa book, poem, or film that tells a long story about brave actions and exciting events a Hollywood epicsee thesaurus at story
Examples from the Corpus
epicThe film was billed as an epic -- an adventure story that would take the world and the box-office by storm.Now it looks like a scene set from Beau Geste, or one of those biblical epics.Luo said in a telephone interview from Wuhan that he began preparing his epic in 1988.Or rent one of the old Steve Reeves muscle epics.Tuppe knew himself to be the stuff of epics.This junk pile just happens to be our epic.The history of a single event has been spun out to fill a 255 page epic."The Iliad" is perhaps the most studied epic of all time.the epic poem "Beowulf'
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epicepic2 adjective  1 ALSTORYan epic book, poem, or film tells a long story about brave actions and exciting events an epic tale of mutiny on the high seas epic poetry2 an epic event continues for a long time and involves brave or exciting actions his epic journey to South America3 BIGvery large and impressive He had produced a meal of epic proportions.
Examples from the Corpus
epicThe dinner they gave him ranks among the epic brawls which regularly give the brotherhood of socialist solidarity a bad name.As a life, it had the ingredients of a blockbuster romantic novel or epic costume film.There is a boy of about the same age in Kanal, Andrzej Wajda's epic film of the Warsaw uprising.What they added was a sense of grandeur - they took blues licks and put them on a epic scale.Brecht later worked out of this mould in his different epic theatre.The rest of the country is missing an epic work.of epic proportionsThe country is facing a famine of epic proportions.For a team that ranks in the bottom third in caring for the ball, this was a triumph of epic proportions.
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