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epiduralep‧i‧dur‧al /ˌepɪˈdjʊərəl◂ $ -ˈdʊr-/ noun [countable]  MHa drug that is put into your back using a needle, done to prevent you feeling pain, especially when having a baby
Examples from the Corpus
epiduralShe was given an epidural so that she could tolerate oxytocin augmentation.They were both born by Caesarean, one under general anaesthetic and one under an epidural.But as the drip and epidural took effect, I felt wonderful.The usual medication administered in this situation is a continuous epidural infusion.After tea and lots of talking, I rang my Mum, singing the praises of epidurals.In such a case, the cesarean section and the epidural might not have been necessary.And after two and a half hours, the doctor made the decision for me and gave me the epidural.She had very high blood pressure, and was given two epidurals that didn't work.
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