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epigramep‧i‧gram /ˈepɪɡræm/ noun [countable]  ALa short sentence that expresses an idea in a clever or amusing wayepigrammatic /ˌepɪɡrəˈmætɪk◂/ adjective
Examples from the Corpus
epigramThe hon. and learned Gentleman made an epigram out of it.In Emerson almost every sentence is an anecdote, a picture or an epigram.Political problems which might have stymied Solomon were resolved in a pun or an epigram.His silence about the authorship of the more famous epigram thus amounts almost to a denial that Simonides wrote it.Your taste in epigrams is amusing, Hardin, but out of place.An introductory epigram states that Clearchus copied them exactly in Delphi and brought them to this remote place of Bactriana.Scattered through its numerous volumes are priceless gems of poetry, epigram, and story-telling.He would end his lecture with a summarizing epigram.
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