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epilogueep‧i‧logue (also epilog American English) /ˈepəlɒɡ $ -lɒːɡ, -lɑːɡ/ noun  1 [countable]AL a speech or piece of writing that is added to the end of a book, film, or play and discusses or explains the ending2 [singular] literaryALEND something that happens at the end of a series of eventsprologue a disastrous epilogue to his career
Examples from the Corpus
epilogueAs an epilogue at the end of the film explains, Letterman was No. 1 in late night for 90 weeks.The streets seemed very much an epilogue.Cimbelina en 1900 y pico is a comic farce composed of six short acts, a prologue and epilogue.De Boer has produced an equally stimulating epilogue, collating well the topics in the book into an integrating conservation framework.Nevertheless the epilogue to the Pactus does provide a terminus ante quem for the compilation of the code.The epilogue claims that Childebert added six clauses and Chlothar ten.This epilogue is included in still fewer manuscripts than the shorter prologue.
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