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episodeep‧i‧sode /ˈepəsəʊd $ -soʊd/ ●●○ noun [countable]  1 PERIOD OF TIMEan event or a short period of time during which something happens She decided she would try to forget the episode by the lake. one of the most interesting episodes in his career2 AMTa television or radio programme that is one of a series of programmes in which the same story is continued each weekseries Watch next week’s thrilling episode!episode of the first episode of a new drama seriessee thesaurus at part
Examples from the Corpus
episodeI've never even seen an episode of Star Trek.That was one of the best episodes - I wish I'd got it on tape.The basic plan provides for two classroom periods to be spent on each episode.The final episode will be broadcast next week.In the first episode the islanders interview prospective families.Ernie directed all 12 of the half-hour episodes for television.Hourly frequency and mean duration of reflux episodes in the upright and supine period were also calculated in each patient.Brad Pitt made a guest appearance on last week's episode.You can still see episodes of this at the Museum of Radio and Television.This patient had experienced several episodes of palpitations although she was otherwise well.Susan has had several episodes of depression lately.However, this episode constitutes a reminder of its pitfalls.This episode has seemed strange to Sinologists, and all the more interesting for that.
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