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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishepisodicep‧i‧sod‧ic /ˌepəˈsɒdɪk◂ $ -ˈsɑː-/ adjective formal  1 REGULARsomething that is episodic happens from time to time and then stops for a while, rather than happening all the time his episodic involvement in politics2 PARTan episodic story or memory is one in which a lot of different events happen that do not follow on from each other
Examples from the Corpus
episodicNothing is world-wide, but everything is episodic.So long as these remain at the centre of any newsgathering institution, then the risk of episodic and trivial coverage increases.The events are presented in episodic form, as a continuous narrative tossed antiphonally to and fro between the actresses.These infections may be accompanied by clinically undetected baseline and episodic hypoxaemia.Most fieldwork is simply episodic, made by an outsider moving in for a period to assess observed social behaviour.The problem is especially serious for an episodic memory, which is a unique category that ties together a series of elements.This illness is characterized by episodic neck pain.Despite appearances, El Retablo is neither episodic, nor meant to sound unpolished.Repetitions, as in a child practicing handwriting, are what distinguish procedural memories from episodic ones.an episodic TV program
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