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epistlee‧pis‧tle /ɪˈpɪsəl/ noun [countable]  formalTCM a long or important letter
Examples from the Corpus
epistleHe was the author of the Fourth Gospel, three biblical epistles, and the book of the Revelation.The whole machinery of prefaces, dedicatory epistles and the like is designed to focus attention on the writer himself.Can you keep one bookmark in the page for the gospel and turn to our epistle in 1 Corinthians 8.Leapor's reference to the fly is a signal that she is arguing against Pope's epistle.Now Malcolm has asked for a bit more of my own feelings and thoughts in these epistles.Thank you for various letters, telling me you read these epistles, and asking questions.
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EpistleEpistle /ɪˈpɪsəl/ noun [countable]  RRCone of the letters in the New Testament of the Bible
Examples from the Corpus
EpistleSupport for such a position can be found in the Gospel and Epistles of John.Holberg asked Marie to take him across the water and he left a note about that meeting in his eighty-seventh Epistle.He studied hard at the Epistle to the Hebrews.The subdeacon's duties were to prepare the bread and wine and the vessels for the mass and to chant the Epistle.Second, his spirituality was based on the Epistles of St Paul.
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