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equableeq‧ua‧ble /ˈekwəbəl/ adjective  1 formalCALM someone who is equable remains calm and happy and does not often get annoyed a young man with a naturally equable temperament2 technicalDN equable weather is neither too hot nor too cold syn temperate a place with a pleasant, equable climateequably adverb She smiled equably.
Examples from the Corpus
equableHe was equable and a pessimist and very gay in everyday life.There is now a more equable climate for innovation and investment in new technology.an equable climateThe male can maintain a fairly equable distribution of grooming up to a harem size of five females.There are also people of a naturally equable temperament who intuitively understand the need for preparatory mourning and adjust their lives accordingly.Its distance from the Sun was just right to sustain life, providing the right kind of equable temperatures and flowing water.Julius seemed a lot less equable than he had been earlier.
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