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equale‧qual1 /ˈiːkwəl/ ●●● S1 W2 adjective  1 sameEQUAL the same in size, number, amount, value etc as something elseequivalentequal number/amount (of something) Both candidates received an equal number of votes.(of) equal value/importance They believe that all work is of equal value.equal in size/length/height etc The two towns are roughly equal in size.of equal size/length/height etcequal to The rent was equal to half his monthly income.see thesaurus at same2 same rights/chancesEQUALRIGHT/HAVE THE RIGHT TO having the same rights, opportunities etc as everyone else, whatever your race, religion, or sex Our constitution states that all men are equal. Our education system should provide equal opportunities for all children. The government is committed to achieving equal rights for women.3 be equal to something4 on equal terms/on an equal footing5 all (other) things being equalCOLLOCATIONSMeaning 1: the same in size, number, amount, value etc as something elseadverbsexactly equalThe food is shared out in exactly equal portions among all members of the community.roughly/approximately equalThe number of buyers and sellers must be roughly equal before trading begins.about/almost equalThey are about equal in height and weight.nounsan equal number/amountBoth candidates received an equal number of votes.phrasesbe of equal size/length/height etcDraw two lines of equal length.be equal in size/length/height etcThe population of each town is roughly equal in size.be equal in valueYour pension will be equal in value to two thirds of your final year salary.be equal in number/numbersIn higher education, women are equal in numbers to men.of equal value/importanceHe is remembered for his novels, but his scientific work is of equal importance.
COLLOCATIONSMeaning 2: having the same rights, opportunities etc as everyone else, whatever your race, religion, or sexnounsequal rightsIn many countries, women do not have equal rights with men.equal opportunitiesThe government must make sure that all children have equal opportunities in education.equal payThe workers’ demands include equal pay for equal work.equal access (=the same right to do or receive something)The law states that disabled people must have equal access to employment.equal treatmentEveryone should get equal treatment under the law.phrasesbe born equalIt is a myth that all men are born equal.be created equalThey believe that everyone is created equal by God.
Examples from the Corpus
equalDemocracy is based on the idea that all members of society are equal.The Declaration of Independence says that all men are created equal.You should spend an equal amount of time on each question in the test.Two quantities can only be equal if they contain the same powers of space, time and mass.In Western countries, parents are likely to want about equal numbers of sons and daughters.Companies are being urged to do more to promote equal opportunities in the workplace.We are equal partners in the business.Divide the dough into three equal parts.The Treaty of Rome states that men and women shall receive equal pay for equal work.Black protestors campaigned for equal rights throughout the 1960s.When facing an opponent of equal strength, Barker's speed gives her a big advantage.I tended to treat people more as equals than I should have-equal time, equal help...Initially, in the 1970s the distribution of female earnings had been much more equal than that of men.A pint is equal to about half a litre.The light produced was equal to that from a medium sized candle.The alcohol in a pint of beer is equal to that in two glasses of wine.The distance between A and B in the diagram is equal to the diameter of the circle, C.As this happens, the demand for money increases and eventually becomes equal to the money supply again.Dilute the syrup with an equal volume of water, stir and serve with ice.Choose two stones of roughly equal weight and size.Evaluate the following portfolio using equal weights.equal number/amount (of something)While a few felt that the social workers, were helpful and supportive an equal number considered them to be patronizing and authoritarian.Cases of equal numbers of additions to each area and all additions concentrated in a few areas are depicted schematically in Fig. 7.9.Foster's office bookcase contains about equal numbers of books on chemistry and on accountancy.A new civilian police force has been created, with equal numbers of ex-soldiers and ex-guerrillas in its ranks.Put equal amounts of ice in the two glasses and sprinkle two teaspoonfuls of salt over the ice in one glass.An equal amount of injury might have happened at a football match but that was beside the point.In Western countries, parents are likely to want about equal numbers of sons and daughters.Minor borders Smaller, supplementary borders, usually arrange in equal numbers on either side of the main border.equal opportunitiesDo they grow up with equal opportunities?He also dealt with the issues of multicultural education and equal opportunities.The second dimension implies the need for self-conscious implementation of equal opportunities and the questioning and revision of routine practices.How this study may contribute to theoretical and empirical work both on equal opportunities and the study of management and organisations.Since Partnerships have a responsibility to achieve equal opportunities for all young people, community organisations should participate at the planning stage.Only in a completely classless society can there be equal opportunities for everyone.Every Whitehall Department now has a nominated Minister who is specifically responsible for promoting equal opportunities in public appointments.Certain jobs were dominated by men until the equal opportunities legislation of the 1970s.These will cover areas such as equal opportunities, multi-cultural education, cross-curricular themes, competences and dimensions and special needs.Our college, and authority, now has an equal opportunities policy document.
Related topics: Maths, Numbers
equalequal2 ●●○ S3 W3 verb (equalled, equalling British English, equaled, equaling American English)  1 [linking verb]EQUAL to be exactly the same in size, number, or amount as something else Two plus two equals four. Prices become more stable when supply equals demand.2 [transitive]EQUAL to be as good as something else, or get to the same standard as someone or something else Thompson equalled the world record.3 be equalled (only) by something4 [transitive]EFFECT/INFLUENCE to produce a particular result or effect A highly-trained workforce equals high productivity.
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Examples from the Corpus
equalAir pressure at sea level equals 1.03kg per square centimetre.Among young homeowners, the mortgage debt typically equals 78 percent of the house value.According to the first figures available, it is estimated that the national bank's exchange reserves equal a month's imports.It's so peculiar to think that you plus wife equals a new human being.The average retired worker gets $720 a month in benefits, which equals about 42% of earnings before retirement.Americans are finding out the hard way that drug possession equals jail in foreign countries.Three plus three equals six.The most efficient basis for the trade of goods is when demand equals supply.Butcher will attempt to equal Swenson's win record.But also by 1967, expenditure on education had for the first time in history equalled that on defence.It usually equals the atmospheric pressure.Also, when profits are driven down to zero, the degree of monopoly power equals the degree of economies of scale.
equalequal3 ●○○ noun [countable]  1 EQUALsomeone who is as important, intelligent etc as you are, or who has the same rights and opportunities as you do He treats all his staff as equals. a friendship between equalsequal in She wasn’t his equal in intelligence.2 be the equal of somebody/something3 be without equal
Examples from the Corpus
equalBut Aggie was first among equals.It started with Milken growing angry because Gutfreund refused to speak to him as an equal.The police have a duty to treat all members of the community as equals.Mutual respect grows out of exchanges between individuals considered as equals.My boss treats her employees as equals.Northern Ireland Conservatives might expect to be treated as equals.Criticism, I take it, is an activity that occurs between equals, whatever its object.Should you not claim to be at least his equal in prowess, and act upon the claim?Hence OCy equals home consumption of food, and OCx equals home consumption of manufactured products.Most women these days want marriage to be a partnership of equals.
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Verb table
Simple Form
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it, theyequalled
Present perfect
theyhave equalled
ithas equalled
Past perfect
it, theyhad equalled
it, theywill equal
Future perfect
it, theywill have equalled
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