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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishequivocale‧quiv‧o‧cal /ɪˈkwɪvəkəl/ adjective  1 CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDif you are equivocal, you are deliberately unclear in the way that you give information or your opinion syn ambiguous His answer was equivocal. She was rather equivocal about her work.2 CLEAR/EASY TO UNDERSTANDinformation that is equivocal is difficult to understand or explain because it contains different parts which suggest that different things are true The results of the police enquiry were equivocal.
Examples from the Corpus
equivocalBut he also comments that the welfare analysis of restraints is quite equivocal.But the commission did clarify Gloucester's position in one area of the north where it had previously been somewhat equivocal.Her beauty, thought Jurnet, was, like everything else about Feldon St Awdry, equivocal.The research which has been conducted on their parenting and its outcomes for their children has often been flawed and equivocal.The story, hardly positive, is at best equivocal.There was nothing equivocal about him.And the Constitution is neither silent nor equivocal about who shall make laws which the President is to execute.I could by now admit to myself, and in no equivocal terms, that I was totally in love.
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