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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherer /ɜː, ə $ ɜːr, ər/ interjection British English 🔊 🔊 Ca sound you make when you do not know exactly what to say next 🔊 Well, er – I’m not really sure.
Examples from the Corpus
erWe'll never forgive - er, forget - her accomplishments.
-er-er1 /ə $ ər/ suffix 🔊 🔊 XXforms the comparative of many short adjectives and adverbs 🔊 hot, hotter 🔊 dry, drier 🔊 fast, faster -est
Examples from the Corpus
-era dishwashera geographera New Yorkera pottera three-wheelerthe dinersthe villagers
-er-er2 suffix [in nouns] 🔊 🔊 1 XXsomeone who does something or is doing something 🔊 a dancer 🔊 a driver2 XXsomething that does something 🔊 a scraper (=a tool you use for scraping) -ar, -orERER /ˌiː ˈɑː $ -ˈɑːr/ noun [countable usually singular] American English informal 🔊 🔊 emergency room
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