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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherasuree‧ra‧sure /ɪˈreɪʒə $ -ʃər/ noun [uncountable] formal  REMOVEwhen you erase something, or when something is erased a way to avoid accidental erasure of data from your computer
Examples from the Corpus
erasureIf so, now is a good time to remove the safety-tab from the cassette to avoid the risk of accidental erasure.Here is a job which will take more time than an erasure.Assets abroad were frozen by the U. N. These events set into motion the erasure of the middle class.the erasure of the debtThe erasure of shell growth we found has not previously been reported in the longstanding literature on molluscan growth.The erasure, then, is more or less the same procedure as the entrance.Anything which brings about this erasure of engrams in place and their refiling as experience is useful and legitimate whatever it includes.For deconstruction, however, this erasure of the world is crucial.
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