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ermineer‧mine /ˈɜːmɪn $ ˈɜːr-/ noun  1 [uncountable]DCTI an expensive white fur, used especially for the formal clothes of judges, kings, and queens2 [countable]HBA a small animal whose fur is white in winter
Examples from the Corpus
ermineAn unusual coat with studded decoration and ermine fringes, accredited to Chief Joseph.It is constructed from eagle feathers, horse-hair, red cloth, ermine pendants, buffalo-horn strips, beadwork and brass bells.Major allowed him into the role of friend and confidant, and dressed Lord Lies in ermine.He had, Jaq noted, obtained a new cloak trimmed with dazzling white ermine death's heads.A furry white ermine moth clung to one of the spikes.Joseph wears a blanket, leggings and a war-shirt with ermine drops.
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