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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherranter‧rant /ˈerənt/ adjective [only before noun] old-fashioned  BAD BEHAVIOUR OR ACTIONSbehaving badly, usually by not obeying your parents or not being faithful to your husband or wife an errant wife their errant son
Examples from the Corpus
errantImpressionism begat post-impressionism, which begat cubism, which sired futurism, expressionism and all manner of errant abstractions.An errant blind drop pass was intercepted by Iginla, who had only goalie Alexei Egorov in his way.Mrs Frizzell gazed into space and Mrs Murphy smoothed back errant curls from her damp forehead.He fired his pistol in the air and charged over the top as if he were chasing some errant fox.When he hits an errant golf shot, or makes a mental error on the course, he gets aggravated.an errant husbandBut the turnover was an errant pass that Clyde Drexler intercepted with 1: 20 left and the Clippers trailing 103-101.Rainer caught the errant pass.But you and I both know all it would take to wreck your career is one errant snip of the scissors.That errant thought, coming from goodness knew where, made her heart beat an erratic tattoo.
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