Date: 1200-1300
Language: Old French
Origin: errour, from Latin error, from errare; ERR


Related topics: Computers
er‧ror S2 W2
1 [uncountable and countable] a mistake
error in
There must be an error in our calculations.
make/commit an error
The government has committed a serious error.
serious/grave/fatal error
I realized I had made a fatal error.
computer/driver etc error
The bill was sent to the wrong person because of a computer error.
The accident was caused by human error (=a mistake by a person).
2TD [countable] a mistake when you are working on a computer, which means that the computer program cannot do what you want it to do:

error of judgment

a mistake in the way that you examine a situation and decide what to do:
The decision to expand the company was an error of judgement.

be in error

to have made a mistake, especially when making an official decision:
The doctor has admitted that he was in error.

do something in error

if you do something in error, you do it by mistake:
The wrong man was arrested in error.

see the error of your ways

literary to realize that you have been behaving badly and decide to stop

➔ trial and error

at trial1 (4)
WORD FOCUS: computer WORD FOCUS: computer
people who work with computers: user, programmer, web designer, IT person, software engineer, (systems) analyst, administrator, webmaster, helpdesk, techie informal, geek disapproving informal

someone who tries to break into a computer system: hacker, cracker

things you do with your computer: start up/power up your computer
a file or document
click on
an icon
cut and paste
pieces of text
files or programs
scroll up and down
the page
things you do not want
files or pictures from the Internet
CDs or DVDs
a file or document
your work
shut down
your computer

computer problems: bug, virus, error, corrupted file/data, crash, worm

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