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error of judgment

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisherror of judgmenterror of judgmentMISTAKEa mistake in the way that you examine a situation and decide what to do The decision to expand the company was an error of judgment. error
Examples from the Corpus
error of judgmentIt may not be errors of fact that matter to the general public as much as errors of judgment.In war people died more often from the little mistakes than the grand errors of judgment.It was a great error of judgment.This mistake has led them at best into errors of judgment and distortion of fact and at worst into academic hucksterism.New, inexperienced members of staff are more liable to make errors of judgment.In my opinion, appointing his son as chief executive was a serious error of judgment.Since then, it has made a number of startling errors of judgment.Joly also made what can only be described as an uncharacteristic error of judgment.
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