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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishescutcheone‧scutch‧eon /ɪˈskʌtʃən/ noun [countable] formal  PMWa shield on which someone’s coat of arms (=family sign) is painted
Examples from the Corpus
escutcheonStrictly speaking, therefore, impalement and the use of an escutcheon of pretence is marshalling at its simplest.Perhaps the greatest variation is in the form of the type of mount, or escutcheon, for the handle.Two square escutcheon plates, each incised with a cross, have been riveted on to the surface above and below the keyhole.These others with the black line drawn across their escutcheons belong to the leading supporters of de Montfort.This man Otis is the one blot on the banner of southern California; he is the bar sinister on your escutcheon.
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