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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishesp.esp.ESPECIALLYthe written abbreviation of especially
Related topics: Occult, Education
ESPESP /ˌiː es ˈpiː/ noun [uncountable]  1 ROMP (extra-sensory perception) the ability to know what will happen in the future, or to know what another person is thinking2 SE (English for Specific Purposes or English for Special Purposes) the teaching of English to business people, scientists etc whose first language is not English
Examples from the Corpus
ESPThis major multi-million dollar project has allowed ESP to establish a foothold in the Middle East.There is also ESP of the future, or precognition.The fact that athletes use the term sixth sense, a synonym for ESP, lends credence to this possibility.These examples show how ESP might occur in sport.Sounds like ESP is certainly ambitious enough to be a Wood Group Company!The latest from Sony features a 10-second ESP built into the lightest and smallest portable in the audio galaxy.Customised with ESP bridge, wide frets, and push/pull tone control.
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