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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishespeciales‧pe‧cial /ɪˈspeʃəl/ adjective British English formal  x-refspecial
Examples from the Corpus
especialSuch a policy would be of especial benefit to bilingual or multilingual children.The latter were treated with especial courtesy, being provided with the best seats and a translation service.Angullas-Villanueva were especial favorites of hers.The weakening of party and the creation of a strong committee system are seen as of especial importance in this regard.There would be an especial pleasure in using Gordon Beamish's name.There would seem to be three points of especial significance. 1 Carers are not a homogeneous group.It is occurring at especial speed in those countries in which development has been recent and fast.He seemed to expect if not especial thanks, at least some expression of wonder.
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