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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishespeciallyes‧pe‧cial‧ly /ɪˈspeʃəli/ ●●● S1 W1 adverb  1 [sentence adverb]ESPECIALLY used to emphasize that something is more important or happens more with one particular thing than with others syn particularly I never liked long walks, especially in winter. Art books are expensive to produce, especially if they contain colour illustrations.2 [+adj/adverb]ESPECIALLY to a particularly high degree or much more than usual syn particularly I was especially fond of chocolate biscuits. Feedback is especially important in learning skills. A depreciation of the dollar would make US exports cheaper and especially so in Japan. Graphics are especially well handled in the book.3 ESPECIALLYfor a particular person, purpose etcespecially for She bought a new pair of trainers especially for the trip.4 not especiallyGRAMMAR: Word orderEspecially is not used at the start of a sentence before the subject. You say: I like Thai food especially.I especially like Thai food. Don’t say: Especially I like Thai food.You say:Young people especially are being affected by the economic crisis. Don’t say: Especially young people are being affected.THESAURUSespecially/particularly used when you want to emphasize that something concerns or affects one person or thing more than others, or is true about a particular situation more than othersThis disease mostly affects women, particularly older women.Paris is always full of tourists, especially in the summer.It’s not easy to receive compliments, especially if you’re not used to them. The surface is very slippery, particularly when it has been raining.specially spoken especiallyI like parks, specially when they’ve got lakes.You have to be careful what you say, specially if there are children listening.in particular especially – used before or after a noun. Often used in the phrases anyone/anything/anywhere in particular and someone/something/somewhere in particularMary loves most classical music, in particular Bach and Vivaldi.Kids in particular will love this show.Is there anything in particular you would like to eat?Was there someone in particular you were hoping to meet?notably formal used for saying someone or something is an important example of what you are talking aboutThe use of illegal drugs – notably marijuana – has increased in recent years.A number of respected philosophers, most notably Leibniz, criticized Newton’s theories.above all used for emphasizing that something is more important than all the other things you have mentionedGet plenty of sleep, eat lots of good food, and above all try to relax.most of all more than anything or anyone elseSwimming and soccer are fun, but I like dancing most of all.Out of everybody at school she was the person who helped me most of all.
Examples from the Corpus
especiallyIt is also known that, in some central nervous system neurones, second messengers especially cyclic AMPcontrol membrane electrical activity.Alliances, after all, have to be directed against some one, especially defensive ones.This is a style of wheat beer that I especially enjoy, with its teasing counterpoint of tartness and chocolate-malt sweetness.Look especially for the frieze of statues on the upper tier.I'm especially interested in hearing about your trip to China.The graveyard especially is a good place to examine the strange and beautiful gravestones characteristic of old Basque burial grounds.He was 24, a young age for a priest, especially one who had failed to finish training in two seminaries.Families, especially those with young children, benefit from the program.Everyone's excited about the trip, especially Wendy.Drive carefully, especially with all this fog.Politicians, unlike actors and especially writers, know that their opinions have to be sold, that they must please.especially soThis is especially so. if a general shortage of demand keeps him from finding a job elsewhere.And especially so if your memory is poor when your right side is similarly inactivated.This was especially so in 1942 and 1943, when the Great Bengal Famine stalked the land.Women were important to the economy in general and especially so in manufacturing.This is especially so in the case of visiting competitors.The Cam always looks so peaceful, especially so on a winter's day with no punts or rowing boats in sight.This is especially so when a diagnosis of dementia blinds works to remaining skills.The balance between these two factors has no doubt always been difficult, but is perhaps especially so within the modern family.especially forI bought the flowers especially for her, and she didn't even thank me.
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