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essential oil

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishessential oilesˌsential ˈoil noun [countable]  DCBMAan oil from a plant that has a strong smell and is used for making perfume or in aromatherapy
Examples from the Corpus
essential oilFirst though, let us explore the more tangible routes an essential oil may take on its sojourn through mind-body.If you dislike the aroma, you have only wasted a tiny amount of essential oil.Pour about half a litre of near-boiling water into a bowl and add two to four drops of essential oil.It takes about 100 pounds of blossoms to make 12 ounces of essential oil.Four chapters on essential oil analysis follow.These sticks would be twisted round until the bag was tightly pressed and the essential oil oozed out of the petals.Method: Mix the essential oil into the almond oil and stir into the other ingredients to form a paste.Remember, we are often drawn to the essential oil we may actually need at the time.
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