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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishestablishedes‧tab‧lished /ɪˈstæblɪʃt/ ●●○ AWL adjective [only before noun]  1 USE somethingalready in use or existing for a long period of time Competition from established businesses can be formidable. well-established teaching methods By 1969 the civil rights movement was already an established fact. Every once in a while, the established order (=people who rule) is overthrown.2 KNOW somethingknown to do a particular job well, because you have done it for a long time an established professor of French literature3 established church/religionCOLLOCATIONSadverbswell-established (=existing for a long time and respected or trusted by people)McCarthy is a well-established and successful author.newly established (=established very recently)He is a partner in the newly established company.nounsan established fact (=a piece of information that has been tested and shown to be true)It is an established fact that 1 in 10 undergraduates leave university in their first year.an established institution (=an official organization that has existed for a long time)The incoming prime minister was critical of many established government institutions.established practice (=a particular way of doing something, that is accepted as the best way)Not allowing patients to eat before surgery is established practice.the established order (=the people and organizations that have power)The revolutionaries posed a serious threat to the established order.
Examples from the Corpus
establishedHis cousin John Falconar was already an established Cheapside merchant.The representatives from seventeen national parties at the Paris conference were quite plainly non-attenders in the established church of politics.Now we are a fully established class with 26 members on our books with Bridget Ewing at the helm.The local government reforms following 1888 established new authorities with a franchise almost identical with the municipal boroughs.Pasture, especially natural or long established pasture, acts like a biological sponge, holding large amounts of nitrate.Although young bands can find the established people in Music Week, they are probably a waste of time.By formalising their relationship, the companies hope to provide an established platform which implements the core technology behind the Intelligent Network.They do not fit in readily with any contemporary ideology or with the manifesto of any established political party.an established scientistestablished factIt was studiously careful not to speculate beyond the established facts.Over the centuries, it then came to be regarded as established fact.But this is not established fact at all.It is a known and established fact that political parties do not pick up in the polls once an election is under way.
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