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established church/religion

From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishestablished church/religionestablished church/religionespecially British English the official church or religion in a particular country established
Examples from the Corpus
established church/religionCarroll did not choose to keep a low profile but spoke up on many issues, often against the officially established religion.His rebellion began quietly enough in a dispute over whether or not to pay taxes for established religion.That same light revealed the corruption of the established Church.During the plague, the rich people and most of the ministers who had remained in the established church fled from London.Therefore, it is certainly more comfortable to remain in the security of stable established church life.The representatives from seventeen national parties at the Paris conference were quite plainly non-attenders in the established church of politics.The only result of clerical opposition was that the established Church once again forfeited its chance to control developments.Naturally most of the more established churches were embarrassed and angered by the unseemly goings on.
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