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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishestrogenes‧tro‧gen /ˈiːstrədʒən $ ˈes-/ noun [uncountable]  x-refthe usual American spelling of oestrogen
Examples from the Corpus
estrogenFor coronary heart disease, estrogen users had a 60 % reduction in mortality risk.You still need a prescription for estrogen and testosterone.In the body, it changes into estrogen and testosterone.It may reduce the accelerated bone loss of menopause, even in the absence of estrogen replacement therapy. 3.The same form of estrogen also prevented replication of the virus.After the second month of pregnancy, estriol levels steadily increase as the placenta takes over estrogen production. 344.About 30 years ago the estrogen receptor protein was first isolated from the rat uterus.For other cardiovascular problems, such as stroke, the estrogen users had a 73 % reduction in mortality.
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