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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishetc.etc. (also etc British English) /et ˈsetə/ ●●● W2 adverb  TCNLIST (et cetera) used in writing after a list to show that there are many other similar things or people that you could have added a shop which sells cards, calendars, wrapping paper etcetc. etc. (=used when you are rather bored or annoyed by the list you are giving) The letter says pay at once, they’ve reminded us before etc. etc.RegisterWhen writing essays, articles, or business letters, people usually avoid using etc. or etcetera, and write the sentence another way using such as: feelings of jealousy, anger, hatred, etc. → feelings such as jealousy, anger, or hatredTHESAURUSetc. used when you want to say that there are many other examples of things of the same kind. The full form is et cetera, but this is rarely used. Dont use etc. in essays or formal writingThey asked me about my past experience, qualifications etc.Precise details of times, dates etc. should be recorded.such as used before one or more nouns to say that there are many other examples of the same kind. It is better to use such as rather than etc. in essays and formal writingIt is best to avoid drinks such as tea, coffee or alcohol.a distressing event such as the break-up of a marriageto name (but) a few used after examples of something when saying that there are many more you could have mentionedOur daily activities include tennis, swimming, darts, snooker to name but a few.and so on spoken used in spoken English when you want to say that there are other examples of things of the same kind. Don’t use and so on in essays or formal writing – it sounds too vagueYou can do things to look after yourself in the way of diet, exercise, not smoking and so on.and many others and many other people or thingsThe book includes poems by Christina Rossetti, William Blake and many others.The college offers courses in maths, physics, computer science and many others.
Examples from the Corpus
etc.Combine the champagne with fruit juices such as orange, pineapple, etc.etc. etc.It operates through the agencies of the different control systems such as the autonomic nervous system, hormonal system, immune system etc.The contributions have been only lightly edited, but the occasional inconsistencies of spelling, nomenclature, etc. cause few problems.The value of input will be the cost for operating the shop-salaries, benefits, supplies, etc.These pockets are so voluminous that you can get a whole lot in besides - suntan lotion, midge repellent, etc.This is largely financial information and it is helpful that investors also understand what the management is like, etc.Your college accommodation office should be able to advise about local availability, conditions, etc.
From Longman Business Dictionaryetcetc /et ˈsetə/ adverb written et cetera; used after a list to show that there are other similar things or people that could have been addedLoans have been taken out to cover the cost of repairs, new equipment etc.
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