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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englisheternallye‧ter‧nal‧ly /ɪˈtɜːnəl-i $ -ɜːr-/ adverb  1 ALWAYS/FOREVERfor ever I’ll be eternally grateful (=very grateful) to you for this.2 informalOFTEN always or very often syn constantly He’s a player who’s eternally arguing with the referee.
Examples from the Corpus
eternallyIn that case, since possibilities will always, eternally, exist, there never is absolutely nothing.How could time have eternally existed; how could there be a space without bounds?A dangerous man, and a man who lived eternally in danger.We are eternally loved by God.Roger seems eternally optimistic, but even he realized that the Giants couldn't win the championship.In self-defeating organizations, poor performance comes to resemble this sort of eternally perpetuating cycle.He engages with a sense of Being eternally present, not driven and limited by the demands of time.But unsparing in his pressing of points he thought vital, and eternally urging the need for money.Roth, of course, remains eternally wedded to his one true love, his writing.eternally gratefulFor that we would be eternally grateful.In Head, Nicholson had kindly provided them with a suicide note for which Mike Nesmith was eternally grateful.Only two of the ten couples I interviewed made such a choice, and both feel eternally grateful.I am eternally grateful for your encouragement.
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