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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishethanoleth‧a‧nol /ˈeθənɒl, ˈiː- $ -noʊl/ noun [uncountable]  technical the type of alcohol in alcoholic drinks, which can also be used as a fuel for cars syn ethyl alcohol
Examples from the Corpus
ethanolFirst, cool ethanol molecules have less vibrational energy than warm ethanol molecules.Blood samples analyzed for ethanol were obtained if the patient returned to the clinic for his bi-monthly interview.Apparently, natural selection favored creatures that could get rid of these tiny quantities of ethanol.The overall structural shape of ethanol is important as well.However, industry needs about 1.5 million tonnes of pure ethanol, free from water, each year.Davenport found that ethanol solutions with a concentration above 10% produced mucosal damage.The catalysed conversion of methanol to ethanol by reaction with syn-gas, is also possible but not yet commercial.The mixture was extracted twice with phenol-chloroform and precipitated with ethanol.
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