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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishethicsethics[plural]GOOD/MORAL moral rules or principles of behaviour for deciding what is right and wrong a report on the ethics of gene therapyprofessional/business/medical ethics (=the moral rules relating to a particular profession) public concern about medical ethics a code of ethics ethic
Examples from the Corpus
professional/business/medical ethicsHe promised to take duplicitous physicians before a medical ethics board and strip them of their credentials.This type of secondary prevention does however raise serious and controversial issues about social and medical ethics.All this leaves business ethics in a state of unhelpful flux.The big beasts of medical ethics have been locking horns, the rationalists against the religious as usual.I had a conversation with Marjorie Kelly, editor of Business Ethics magazine, on a hot summer morning.They also include a critique of conventional news values and a list of professional ethics.I was a lawyer, a professional man who worked within a set of professional ethics.Businessmen must ensure that they meet the terms of business ethics imposed by the media.
From Longman Business Dictionaryethicseth‧ics /ˈeθɪks/ noun [plural]COMMERCE moral rules or principles of behaviour that should guide members of a profession or organization and make them deal honestly and fairly with each other and with their customersBesides sales techniques, salespeople will get training in contract law, psychology, and business ethics.The firm observes high standards of professional ethics.a journalistic code of ethics (=list of moral rules for a particular activity or profession)
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