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From Longman Dictionary of Contemporary Englishetiquetteet‧i‧quette /ˈetɪket $ -kət/ noun [uncountable]  RULE/REGULATIONthe formal rules for polite behaviour in society or in a particular group strict rules of professional etiquette
Examples from the Corpus
etiquetteEtiquette is especially important on occasions such as weddings and funerals.Ever a stickler for protocol, he and his wife took umbrage at the democratic etiquette of President Thomas Jefferson's administration.It was considered a breach of etiquette to refuse an invitation.The royal family could be relied upon as paragons of etiquette.The instructor, who is always addressed as the sensei, instils principles of etiquette into every student.They will in this respect resemble our own rules of etiquette.Professional etiquette dictates that judges should not express their opinions about a case in public.When it comes to racing etiquette and forthright language, Mario has few equals.She spoke effusively, implying more enthusiasm than etiquette required.After dinner the etiquette was very stiff, and we stood for two hours.
From Longman Business Dictionaryetiquetteet‧i‧quette /ˈetɪket-kət/ noun [uncountable] the formal rules for behaviourthe professional rules of etiquette imposed by the Law SocietyBusiness etiquette (=rules for behaviour by businesspeople) is still very important in corporate Japan. see also netiquette
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