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eugenicseu‧gen‧ics /juːˈdʒenɪks/ noun [uncountable]  MBthe study of methods to improve the mental and physical abilities of the human race by choosing who should become parents – used to show disapproval
Examples from the Corpus
eugenicsNeither Hogben nor Haldane had any objection to a biologically based eugenics programme enforced by the state in a classless society.The medical profession was deeply divided over eugenics.Ironically, some eugenics leaders were uneasy about their alliance because they felt it could compromise their then-respectable public image.In the United States eugenics became almost completely discredited.She wanted a child, so we signed up for the eugenics lottery.By the late Thirties, eugenics was waning.After the Second World War, eugenics was superseded by genetics and micro-biology.
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