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euthanasiaeu‧tha‧na‧si‧a /ˌjuːθəˈneɪziə $ -ˈneɪʒə/ noun [uncountable]  SSKILLthe deliberate killing of a person who is very ill and going to die, in order to stop them suffering syn mercy killing
Examples from the Corpus
euthanasiaBut it seems that these profit-hungry hospitals have found a way of practising legalised euthanasia.But these analogies - murder, euthanasia - were summoned up in order to generate a remorse he did not instinctively feel.In the Netherlands euthanasia has already been legalized.In addition it should be noted that this Act also sets out in Schedule 2 approved methods of euthanasia.The decision caused a huge public outcry and a national debate on euthanasia.Most doctors are opposed to euthanasia on ethical grounds.
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